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It's been a while...
last modified: Thursday, July 07, 2011 (1:15:58 PM CST)
Wow, my gallery has been seriously neglected for some time now. Yikes.

Well, it's been a crazy couple of years, and cel collecting had to be put on hold for the most part. I'm still not sure of the direction my collecting habits will take, but purchases will be on a much smaller scale, and updates few and far between.

I would really like to add artwork from various different series', including some American animation artwork in the future, which probably means a lot of small sections, but variety is the spice of life!

My other focus will be to add 1 or 2 high end pieces from a few of my fav's, like InuYasha and RK, and just hang on to a few favorite pieces while selling off the rest. While I love collecting artwork, there are other priorities in my life right now, so I can be happy with a couple of nice pieces in each section.

Having said that, I finally made a new summer themed layout, and scanned the goodies that have been sitting in the Itoya's for a year.

Many thanks to everyone who messaged me during my absence. I deeply appreciate the thoughts and friendships! :) *hugs*

Loving the new RS as well!

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Gallery update
last modified: Thursday, March 05, 2009 (5:17:45 PM CST)
So Iíve finally managed to finish a long, over due gallery update. Between school, a broken scanner,ÖlifeÖ. well, at least itís done. I revamped just about everything using feedback suggestions from last yearís open house.

I have a million people to thank for everything from explaining the difference between genga & douga, cel storage, rilezu, animation, code, stitching, episode IDís, screen caps, and just about everything else somehow related to this hobby.
If I forget anyone Ė I apologize.

So many thanks (in no particular order) to:

Denise, Kata, Gonzai, Anime Obsessed, Moop, Zerospace, Kaona, Hot Ice, Jr. Mint Kiss, Sensei, Redwolf, Miz Ducky, Duotrouble, Teegacat, Crackpot27, Amy, Shampoo, Miss Z, Gold Knight, & Nejiís Girl.

And many thanks to the 2008 open house participants for the constructive feedback!

I know it still needs some work, so in time, Iíll add comments, episode IDís, scene info, and maybe screen caps. Eventually. ;D

Happy collecting to all!

^_^ Liana
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Reflections...Part 2
last modified: Saturday, June 14, 2008 (11:36:52 AM CST)
So I have been collecting for 7 months now. What an experience. Looking back, I feel that I was a bit too impulsive in cel purchases, and now find that Iím much more selective before bidding on auctions. Sure, there are tons of mistakes Iíve made, but I think of them as learning experiences, and donít necessarily regret making them. Iíve also found myself making other sacrifices in order to have more funds for cels. Meh, I donít need to get my nails done, and I never really watched HBO anyways. ^_^

I have learned so much about cels, collecting, auctions, and have met so many super nice people who have offered some great advice, answered my questions, (sometimes more than once), and have just offered their friendship. Itís intimidating being the resident newbie. Not knowing any other collectors when I started made things a bit scary at times, but Iím glad I stuck it out and got brave enough to become more active here and on Beta. Itís nice to be part of such a tight community who helps out one another. ^_^

My vocabulary has grown quite a bit, as I now know the meaning of ďBankĒ and ďHarmonyĒ cels, ďHankenĒ, ďKeyĒ, ďTomeĒ ďRilezuĒ, and finally the difference between ďGenga and DougaĒ. Iíve learned that studios actually destroy artwork on purpose, and how many Naruto reproís are actually made. Iíve learned the exchange rate for Yen to Dollar, and how costly that extra zero can be. ^_~ Iíve learned that Rinkya translations never work, and those free cel bags they send do not fit any of my repros. >_<

I canít thank the open house participants enough. Iíve gotten some really constructive feedback, and have met some great people. I was a little skeptical about joining the project, feeling Iím not seasoned enough to offer good feedback to people, but Iím really glad I decided to participate. Thanks again to everyone for the feedback.

Iím working on a major gallery overhaul thanks in part to suggestions from the open house feedback. Yeah, itís taking longer than expected due to life being a bit hellish the last few months, but Iíll get to it. Iím planning on a new layout, additional links, and a major upload of new goodies, including some major wishlist cels!

Iím not even going to attempt to thank everyone individually here, because I know Iíll forget someone, but you know who you are, and I sincerely thank you for putting up with me ^^, giving advice, granting my cel wishes, offering help with everything from downloading Anime to helping me understand what to offer for artwork, and answering my constant questions from cels to cons, screen capping to paypal, ordering Rilezu to commissioning fan art. And hugs to everyone for welcoming me into the cel community!

OK, enough of my babbling. ^_^

Happy collecting to all!

*EDIT* I have no idea why the font is all funky, nor do I know how to fix it. Sorry. ^_^
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I'm Freaking Out!
last modified: Sunday, May 18, 2008 (10:22:07 AM CST)
I know this is my second blog in 3 weeks, and Iím not trying to over-blog, but I am freaking out.

My very sweet, nearly 11 year old Dwarf Rabbit, Chestnut, is having surgery on Thursday. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer 2 years ago, which has been very stable until recently. The docís and I initially decided to hold off on surgery due to the risks from his age and the fact that he has upper respiratory problems, but it seems now we have reached a point where we have to do the surgery, as the testicle is starting to change. Chestnut is on a lot of meds, most of which he likes (thankfully ^_~), and he is a very active, happy bunny. I am scared at the thought of using anesthesia on him. I believe the procedure itself is not that invasive, and relatively quick, although I know the doc will be taking extra precautions so it may take a bit longer. For the past month, Iíve been doing some research about surgery on older rabbits, and have heard some positive stories from the net, and successful stories about other rabbits the doc has performed surgery on, but Iím still super worried. Chestnut is my baby. ^_^

Any vets or pet owners out there with positive surgical stories on older rabbits or other animals? ^_~

Iím completely freaking out
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last modified: Thursday, May 01, 2008 (3:32:26 PM CST)
Tomorrow I will have to say goodbye to my Grandmother. She died early yesterday morning at the age of 96.

The last month has been a whirlwind. My grandmother became sick, and ended up in the hospital, and then off to a nursing home against her wishes. I offered to have her live with me. I have a spare room, and no stairs Ė perfect for Grandma. My mom did not want to put the responsibility of her care on to me. I did what I could to help out my mom because her four other siblings are useless. No, Iím not exaggerating. My Grandmother lasted 1 week in the nursing home, and Iím glad I made it up there a few times to see her while she was coherent. Monday night she ended up back in the ER where they discovered a tumor on her liver. I found out Tuesday morning, and immediately went up to the hospital. My Grandmother was heavily sedated and sleeping comfortably. I stayed at the hospital for a few hours, and left to meet my husband at home. My plan was to go back that evening, but when I called my mom she told me to stay home; the room was filled with other family. She died peacefully and did not suffer much. That was what I was praying for.

Iím glad itís May. April was just so hectic. I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition, my rabbit has been sick, and needs surgery, I have to have surgery, and my laptop kicked the bucket with all of my research projects saved on it. Not backed up, of course. =( Is the semester over yet??? I got it back yesterday, and will be backing up all files from now on. ^_~ And I did not make it to Anime Boston. =(

Tomorrow is going to suck. I hate goodbyes, and my Grandmother was my last living Grandparent. Just another reminder how fast life goes by. Itís important to be there for loved ones while they are alive. Everyone has some other commitments, but make room to help those when they need help. I know in my familyís case, there are a lot of guilty feeling people right now Ė and Iím not one of them.

In happier news, hopefully with my homework finally caught up, I will have some time to scan in some new goodies.

And thanks to all of the open house participants for sending me some great feedback. Iím trying to respond to everyone, but am a little behind. =(

Happy May to all!

^_^ Liana
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Anime Boston '08
last modified: Friday, January 25, 2008 (10:42:44 AM CST)
Anime Boston is coming up March 21-23. It is supposed to be the largest anime convention in the Northeast. This will be my very first anime convention! I am very excited. I'm sure most everyone here has been to a convention before, so I am wondering what to expect. The website gives a lot of info. I wonder where to start, things to make sure I see or do there...Stuff like that. And has anyone been to Anime Boston before? I'd love to know what to expect.

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last modified: Monday, January 14, 2008 (4:51:05 PM CST)
It has been almost a couple of months since I began this fascinating hobby of cel collecting, and I have really enjoyed it! I have met so many great people, which is nice because none of my friends are into Anime. I am still learning the ropes, but am grateful for all the advice I have been getting from fellow collectors.

In the beginning, I was a bit overwhelmed. There are so many beautiful cel's from so many different series, I wondered If I even had a chance at having a nice collection.

I have learned quite a few things over these past couple of months.

1. This is a hobby you can start at anytime, no matter what your age is, Anime fans all appreciate the beauty of the artwork that goes into producing the Anime!

2. Collect what you like! If it cost $10 or $1,000 - if you love it - it's ok!

3. This is a very addicting and expensive hobby - but one that can really be appreciated. It's a great feeling to know you own a part of a show you really love.

4. Collecting takes time! I have high hopes that someday, A beautiful Hanken of Sasuke will pop up for me! Wishful thinking!

There is so much thought put into making an Anime. The characters, settings, story... I wish I was that creative. It's great when your feeling down to just relax to your favorite Anime, and cheer up, which makes collecting that much more meaningful.

My favorite is Naruto, and if you've seen my gallery you know that Sasuke is my favorite character. It seems I am having a bit of a hard time finding cel's/sketches from Naruto. I think I jumped on the wagon a few years too late! Any good where to find Naruto cel/sketch advice will be greatly appreciated!!

Finally, I want to thank everyone who I have met here, and on e-bay who's given me advice and feedback on my new favorite hobby. And a big Thank You to Kate, Denise, Wendy, and Erin for selling me some of the wonderful cel's/sketches in my collection!

And Thank You Duane for the gallery feedback!

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